My mission x2

Bringing the best in others.

success I WILL


By promoting the belief that everyone is creative, whole and resourceful we give people around us the right to learn & evolve at their own pace with our support. This is what coaching is about and why I believe it is essential for the future of work and happy, balanced lives.


I mentor (pro-bono) young individuals including high school and university students. I help them with self-management and self-awareness skills, also self-discipline and wider life skills including financial planing, exercise and cooking routines.

Training & Learning & In Education

In my current role at AKKA I train people in different areas starting from my favourite Emotional Intelligence(EQ), touching on team dynamics in Disney Innovation Strategy, Networking Skills and Business Culture. Every month I have a privilege to meet between 20-90 engineers from around the world who learn about our company and develop their soft and technical skills. I am also a visiting lecturer in Haute Ecole de Geneve where I deliver workshops for students in International Business Management program.