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This space is for my fellow coaches with whom I work with, who I value and who I would recommend without any hesitation.

Dairin Patry

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Dairin Patry – Life & Executive Coach


PROFILE: Executive & Life Coach with over 14 years experience of Business Management in Primary Care & a background in HR and Hotel Management.

My motto: Life is a work in progress, step into it with positivity & self-belief

Role of coaching in my life:

Throughout my career, I have always been drawn to helping people grow their confidence, skills and wellness in the workplace and life in general. A couple of years ago, with the help of coaching, I questioned what I really wanted out of my life and career. After some deep self-exploration, this created a lot of excitement and enthusiasm in me for my future and I was able to put together an action plan that would help me to achieve my goals.

I believe my approach to coaching can enable you to figure out what it is you really want in your lives, and most importantly, to build and carry through on an action plan that will get you there.


Typical agendas:

  • Career – Re-joining the workforce, preparing for interview, setting a career path,  promotion, career change
  • Work / Life Balance – finding what works best for you
  • Wellness – looking at your overall life & identifying what wellness means to you, finding time & space for you
  • Confidence &Resilience in todays fast paced world
  • Aging with Confidence

Client base:

  • Face to face Coaching – Dublin or surrounding counties
  • Skype – worldwide


  • Member of the LBCAI (Life & Business Coaching Association of Ireland)
  • Member of QQC – Quality Coaching Circle

Based in: Dublin, Ireland