Positive Success Group Coach of the month – 03.2019 – Irish network

Here is a copy of the interview for Positive Success Group that nominated me as a Coach of the Month in March 2019. Link to original post below.

How coaching has added value to my life:

I can identify 3 areas where coaching, learning about it and its application into my daily life, brought me the most added value:

  • I learnt to listen – even to myself.

I used to finish others’ sentences in conversation. I used to give a lot of advice. I had the answers ready before hearing the question. During the start of my coaching adventure I made a conscious effort to listen with all senses. When I truly applied the principle of believing into everyone’s potential, creativity and resourcefulness, it came naturally. I’ve been always curious, but coaching allowed me to be more at peace with myself and really listen.

Currently I ask loads of questions. My relationships improved, I communicate much more efficiently and stopped guessing other people’s feelings. I simply ask.

Finally, I listen to my intuition, to my body, I am better in recognizing stress triggers and symptoms and I give myself space to recover and recharge. I reorganized my life to make space for activities that will support my work-life balance and as a result will allow me to grow.

  • I identified my values and I use them to take decisions.

The biggest revelation for me during my PSG Coaching Diploma was the exercise on Values. I realized that I used to apply RESPECT to everybody around me except myself. Respect prior coaching was linked to professionalism, punctuality, family and society order & age, rules but not my own health neither my boundaries. The result was visible in my weight, my well-being, my stress levels and assertiveness or to be more precise in a lack of assertiveness in certain situations with certain people. My behavior wasn’t consistent, and I’ve experienced internal conflicts and a ‘screaming’ intuition.

The values helped me to make changes in my lifestyle, speak up about my needs and feelings in situations when I used to withdraw, clarify my boundaries and direct my energy and efforts into my personal growth which as a result allows me to redesign my life in a way that it makes me happy. One of the key improvements I’ve seen was around the topic of finance. I gave up on some of the self-limiting beliefs that were slowing me down, I gave myself permission to respect my own investment in my own education and my expertise and stop feeling guilty about asking for a specific fee for my services.

  • I redefined success and understood my purpose.

I came to conclusion that I am here in this world to facilitate others’ growth. I take pleasure in watching people overcoming certain difficulties or self-limiting beliefs. I cherish moments when I can see my clients, or my colleagues discovering something that they didn’t know about themselves or implementing lasting changes in their lives. I enjoy connecting people in my network and supporting their ambitions by encouraging them and bringing everyday positivity. I am known at work as someone who will say in the morning: Happy Monday, Happy Tuesday etc. By doing this I believe I can show that we make choices every day, we decide if this day will be good or bad, and how we perceive the reality and our challenges will shape our outlook and happiness. A success for me is to be able to positively impact other people’s lives and maintain my work-life balance and health.

My motto: If I don’t try, I won’t know.

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