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Having a choice

For International Women’s Day I had a honour to speak to over 100 women in Geneva about CHOICE.

“Making a choice to me is about simple daily choices, how we choose to communicate with others and choosing the dreams to follow…” Our Training Program Manager Ewa Duraj told an audience of a 100 professionals, who came to a conference at Best Western Hotel looking for inspiration.
“One rainy morning after nine years in Dublin, I woke up, sat up on my bed and decided: time for a change!” …which have brought Ewa to Annecy, and finally to us – Geneva’s The AKKAdemy, where her expertise matched perfectly with the business needs. It was a wise choice indeed, not a spontaneous decision.
“On Mondays at work, I greet the graduates: “Happy Monday!” which produces sad faces. They’d agree on Friday, but Monday – no way. But I still went on with it, and eventually got: Happy Tuesday Ewa! A person made a decision to change their perspective…”
Distinguishing choices is important, Ewa suggests, we need to understand when making a choice: Are those real problems or negative perceptions? Do I practice empathy when communicating with others? Do I live to my full potential? What can be changed short term and long term?
Good luck with making yours!

Extract from The Akkademy Linkedin:

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