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I started listening to audiobooks in 2010 due to my newly then developed talent for falling asleep after two pages of any book I’d read. Considering fact that most of the books I own have on average 500 pages that would be 250 nights per book. Mere 1,5 book a year…. I knew how important is reading for self-development and I had to come up with an alternative solution. Audible was the answer. It allowed me to listen to books when walking, working out, cleaning the house (it actually helps me to get on with it), commuting to work and traveling.

When speaking to people who never used Audible they tend to say: Nah, it’s not for me… But they’ve never tried! Here is my advice, if you feel like giving it a go, feeling like you can step out of your comfort zone, (1) get the App ( Apple Store or Play Store). I presume you will listen to books on your smartphone, but you can use the app on tablets and laptops as well.

(2)Use the free trial for a month and get a book that you will enjoy. There are over 200,000 books waiting for you. Don’t bully yourself with something like The Great War History which takes over 40 hours and you feel like you should listen to it. I did that. I slept even better! (3) Before purchasing the book in the App Shop, listen to the sample offered. It is so important to like the narrator’s voice. My favourite voice belongs to Sean Barrett. He’s excellent. If you listen to your book in the bed, please use Sleep Timer (4). You can programme the app to stop playing after 15 min, at the end of chapter and so on. Trust me, there is nothing more frustrating then going through chapters that you partially listen to while falling asleep. I’ve done that as well.

After the trial month, if you like to continue with Audible, sign up for one of their plans (5). I’ve picked 1 book monthly membership, which is enough for me. It costs £7.99 a month and you can cease your membership at anytime you wish. If I feel like, I can buy additional books. Audioble offers special deals on regular basis so you won’t spend much.

In my library I have over 100 books now: crime, comedy, biographies. My fav book so far is ‘Happiness Advantage’ by Shawn Achor. I’ve listen to it several times, great book and it’s read by the author.

Try it. You have nothing to loose. The risk is that you will love it and the Audible App will keep you awake at night. I think, while listening to Jo Nesbo criminal series about detective Harry Hole, I didn’t sleep much. I would say ‘just one more chapter’ and go to bed at 3 am after listening to 5… Highly addictive!

The only issue I’ve experienced so far is due to me moving from Ireland to France. I am currently a UK store member and if I want to use French one, I have to create myself a new account on This means I will have to log out of my account every time I want to access the .fr one. The solution will be to have the same password for both to make it simple. On the bright side I will get a free trial on the .fr site!

Hope I convinced you to try Audible. Let me know, which book would you recommend me to get next. I love thrillers, biographies, comedies and positive psychology books but I’m open to your suggestions.

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