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Vision board in coaching Generation Z

I would like to share my experience and how I changed my approach to teaching after my coaching course, and its impact on my students.

In 2017 I started using elements of coaching in my English teaching. The final project for my digital art students was a vision board and a presentation in English. They are all between 17-20 (Genertion Z).

Over the year we worked on their motivation, teamwork, EQ, resilience and attitude. This project brought everything together. They shared their dreams and motivations with the class, they didn’t concentrate on money and financial success only, but they included gratitude for their friends and family (support network), motivational quotes, their mottoes. Most of them showed a huge curiosity for the world and highlighted importance of work life-balance and their own development.

I am super proud of them and hope they are better prepared for the life.

My fav is the cartoon from a teenage boy to a man from one of the most shy students in the class. Some small mistakes in English but it’s a delight in content.

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