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Me, resistance and coaching

My motto: If I don’t try, I won’t know brought me into many new things, I tried different sports, hobbies, jobs with different results but one thing in common: varied and valuable experience.

I had this dream of becoming a coach for some time from my late 20s. At the time I would tell myself I need to be over 50 to be a good coach, I need more experience and so on and so on.

Then  a perfect opportunity arrived in my early 30s and I welcomed it with open arms. I completed a Coaching Diploma with Positive Success Group in Dublin and introduced coaching practices in my teaching and lecturing.

Role of coaching in my life

I was always very curious about people and loved helping. Coaching gives me both. I strongly believe that everyone has an amazing potential, we just need to unlock it with right questions. Personally, coaching helped me when starting my new life in France, I overcame some internal resistance, clarified my boundaries between work and private life, identified my values and defined success.

Example of resistance

I heard from perhaps one too many people that I have an accent while speaking French. I had enough. My ambition was to speak French like English. People shouldn’t be able to identify my birthplace from my accent I thought. So around March 2017 I stopped my private lessons, you know, it’s a cost, I had no time and the list of excuses continued. Only thanks to coaching I realized I assumed the comments about my accent were negative where most of the time they were neutral. I was fed up as well with amount of work you need to scarify to learn a language. I started English and Russian as a child but French was in my early twenties…. not the same ear neither pronunciation. The two first come to me naturally, French is a hard work for me. Coaching was crucial to make me understand that I moved to France, I want to have a successful business, I, me, myself again want to live in this country so I better make some effort. I am impatient, after 1.5 years I wanted more results, I wanted to be able to give a speech like DeGaule but I wasn’t willing to put the work in. Hard to admit that especially when you teach others and repeat them constantly that they should learn regularly and be patient…. yes, these are my own words. As one of my values is to lead by example this was a blessing and a curse at the same time. I basically had no choice. I had to keep going. If I believe in my students why would I not believe in myself.

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