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How to motivate yourself – my top 3

In life and in work you won’t always see the ‘bigger picture’ and it might happen that your energy levels and motivation will drop. What to do then? Here are my 3 proven & well tested ways of getting myself back on the right track.

1. Watch Steve Jobs Speech at Stanford University. 

Used in extreme situations. I would watch it again and again until I remember how lucky I am. It’s been possibly seen by most of the world by now (over 22 million views on YT only) but I still find it inspiring. Every time. Especially “connecting the dots” and, in last year, the truth about our mortality.  Click HERE to watch.

steve jhobs

2. Listen to/read Happiness Advantage book by Shawn Achor.

The book is amazing. It concentrates on a positive psychology and is really well written. You will smile, if not giggle throughout the book and you will find yourself trying to implement author’s solutions in your own life.

shawn achor

I came across Shawn Achor while watching videos on Ted Talks. His talk was funny, entertaining with a lot of insight on how to re programme ourselves to become more successful, happy and effective. His story about Unicorn is one in a kind. Intrigued? Watch TED TALK

If you like this Ted Talk, you will love the book. Personally, after even 10 mins of listening (I’m Audible fan) I get my ‘super powers‘ back. I am ready for another challenge.

3. Follow Richard Branson on social media.

I follow Richard Branson on Facebook. He – more likely his PR Team – actually comes to me – but I prefer to think it’s Richard.  His profile is full of motivational quotes, photos and articles that give me this extra kick. All of this just appears on my wall. Thanks to that I’m getting motivated in an effortless and, you could say, ‘lazy way’. I just liked his page. One click. 
richard B

And how about you? How do you motivate yourself? Who inspires you? Do you use any of the above? Do you have any better solutions?

I’d love to hear from you.

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